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Marine Corals offer best quality soft corals, polyps (Zoas), mushrooms, crabs, sponges, anemones, starfishes, shrimps, LPS hard corals, SPS hard corals, reef safe fishes and fishes for fish only marine tanks. Next day courier delivery or collection by appointments only.



List of marine corals you can find in our e-shop:

Soft Corals

Soft corals grow rapidly in reef aquariums., They are relatively hardy and should be first corals introduced by inexperienced reef aquarist.

Anthelia Pumping Xenia, White Pulsing Xenia, Blue Xenia
Alcyonium Palmatus Chili Soft Coral
Cladiella Colt Soft Coral
Dendronephya Cauliflower Soft Coral, Cotton Cauliflower, Red Cauliflower
Sinularia Finger Leather Coral, Yellow Finger Coral, Cabbage Coral, Lobed Leather Coral, soft Finger Leather Coral
Lemnalia Tree Coral
Sarcophyton Thin Leather Coral, Leather Coral, Yellow Leather Coral
Capnella Kenya Tree
Sphaerella Christmast Tree
Tubipora musica Organ Pipe Coral
Lobophytum Devil Hand



Polyps are colonial corals and nearly all are extremely hardy. They are ideal candidates for the beginner reef aquarist. All Polyps contain symbiotic algae and require moderate to strong lighting with actinic. They will also benefit from frozen  food and live plankton.


Parazoanthus Yellow Polyps, Brown Polyps, Green Polyps
Clavularia Virdis Green Star Polyps, Metallic Green Polyps, White Star Polyps, Finger Star Polyps
Zoanthus Button Polyps, Zoas, Zoos
Cornularia Clove Polyps, Green Clove Polyps


LPS Hard Corals

Caulastrea Caulastrea Coral , Candy Cane, Trumpet Coral, Torch Coral
Cynarina Lacrymalis Modern Coral, Cat's Eye, Tooth Coral, Doughnut, Meat Coral
Euphyllia  Green Torch Coral, Frogspawn Coral, Metallic Green Torch Coral, Hammer Coral, Green Branch Hammer Coral, Octopus Coral
Favia  Favia danae, Favia favus, Favia helianthoides, Favia lizardensis, Favia maritima, Favia matthaii, Favia pallida, Favia rotundata, Favia speciosa, Favia veroni, Favia vietnamensis
Favities  Favites speciosa, Favites abdita, Favites complanata, Favites flexuosa, Favites halicora
Fungia Green Plate Coral, Orange Plate Coral, Purple Plate Coral
Galaxea Green Crystal Coral
Goniopora Jewel Stone, Branch Goniopora
Heliofungia Actiniformis Plate Anemone, Long Tentacle Fungia
Lobophyllia Teeth coral,
Merulina Merulina Coral
Physogyra Pearl Coral
Plerogyra Branch Bubble Coral, Bubble Cat-Eye
Polyphyllia Talpina Tongue Coral
Symphyllia Symphyllia Coral
Dendrophyllia Fistula Sun Polyps, Black Sun Coral
Turbinaria Pagoda Stone, Stone Cup,
Pavona Pavona Coral
Pectinia Pectinia Coral
Acanthastrea  Acanthastrea bowerbanki, Acanthastrea faviaformis, Acanthastrea hillae, Acanthastrea lordhowensis, Acanthastrea maxima, Acanthastrea subechinata


Mushroom Corals

Actinodiscus Blue Mushrooms, Red Mushrooms, Stripped Mushroom, Spotted Mushroom
Discosoma Giant Mushrooms, Metallic Mushrooms, Metallic Mushrooms, Green Hairy Mushrooms, Giant Cup Mushrooms
Radhactis Elephant Ear Mushrooms
Ricordea Florida Rics, Pimple Mushrooms


Helichondria Purple Sponge, Orange Sponge, Blue Sponge, Yellow Sponge, Bee Sponge
Nephtheis Fascicularis Blue Cauliflower Sponge

SPS Hard Corals

SPS - Small Polyped Stony corals have small polyps on a calcareouss skeleton.  SPS hard corals are generally much more difficult to keep than the LPS or soft corals

Acropora Acropora loisetteae, Acropora retusa, Acropora abrolhosensis, Acropora aculeus, Acropora appressa, Acropora convexa, Acropora clathrata, Acropora chesterfieldensis, Acropora cf. abrotanoides, Acropora caroliniana, Acropora carduus, Acropora bifurcata, Acropora batunai, Acropora azurea, Acropora austera, Acropora aspera, Acropora donei, Acropora echinata, Acropora formosa, Acropora humilis, Acropora meridiana, Acropora microclados , Acropora millepora, Acropora monticulosa, Acropora nana, Acropora tutuilensis, Acropora valenciennesi
Pocillopora Pocillopora Damicornis, Pocillopora Elegans, Pocillopora Verrucosa
Porites Stone Coral, Royal Multi Colour Stone, Branch Porities, Cactus Porities
Montipora Montipora flabellata,  Montipora verrucosa, Montipora altasepta, Montipora cactus, Montipora caliculata, Montipora capricornis, Montipora confusa, Montipora crassituberculata, Montipora danae, Montipora foliosa, Montipora informis, Montipora millepora, Montipora monasteriata, Montipora nodosa,  Montipora turgescens, Montipora undata
Seriatopora Seriatophora Coral , Birds Nest
Stylophora Pistillata Stylophora Coral


Sea Fans

Sea Fans are similar to Soft Corals. Most of them are nocturnal and some of them extending their polyps only during the night time when they consume plankton.

Eugorgia Rubens Blue Tip Sea Fan
Gorgonia Sea Fan
Diodogorgia nodulifera Yellow Finger Gorgonian
Swiftia exserta Orange Tree Gorgonian


Stoichactis Carpet Anemone, Spotted Carpet Anemone, White Carpet Anemone, Green Carpet Anemone, Corn Anemone, Red Corn Anemone, Symbiose Anemone, Red Carpet Anemone, Blue Carpet Anemone
Phymanthus Sun Anemone, Long Tentacle Anemone, White Long Tentacle Anemone, White Tentacle Anemone, Purple Tentacle Anemone
Radianthus White Anemone. Clown Anemone
Actinodendros Fire Anemone
Cerianthus Membranaceus Common Cerianthus, White Cerianthus, Orange Cerianthus, Yellow Cerianthus, Purple Cerianthus
Ptilosarcus Gurneyi Orange Seapen, Feather Goose
Enoplometopus Daumi Clown Shrimp
Lysmata Amboinensis Cleaner Shrimp
Lysmata Debelius Fire Shrimp
Rhynchocinetes Kuiteri Dancing Shrimp
Panulirus Versicolor Spiny Lobster
Stenopus Hispidus Boxing Shrimp
Odontodacylius Syrllaris Mantis Shrimp
Saron Rectirostris Monkey Shrimp
Thalamita Spec Assorted Crab
Nudibranch / Glassodoris Sp Coloured Slug, Nudib
Hexabranchus Sanguinus Flying Slug
Ophidiaster Aphidianus Red Starfish
Linckia Laevigata Blue Starfish, White Starfish,
Lima Scabra Flying Scallop
Stichopus Variegatus Red Sea Cucumber, Yellow Sea Cucumber
Spirographis Spallanzanii White Feather Duster, Yellow Feather Duster, Brown Feather Duster


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